About the AWP Team

Approach your personal and professional success with clarity, energy and impact.

You’re a high-achieving person – that doesn’t mean you don’t need support, too. 

Perhaps you’re balancing multiple high-stakes priorities and feeling the anxiety of trying to meet each and every one of them. Staying relevant can be an elusive target.

Maybe an injury has changed your ability to meet the expectations of your sport. Or maybe you’re struggling with the pressure of your own unrelenting standards. Disordered eating, depression or fear around your day-to-day responsibilities can be draining.

You’re feeling isolated, with few people who can truly relate to where you are and what you’re experiencing.

We get it.

At Amplify Wellness + Performance, LLC (AWP) we know you want to move forward toward the success and happiness you envision for yourself. Our balanced approach keeps your goals front and center.


Sharon Chirban, Ph.D.
Clinical Sport Psychologist, Executive Coach

Licensed Clinical Staff

Dara Brenner, MA, LMHC
Licensed Clinician/ Sport Psychology Consultant

Vanessa Chafos, Ph.D., LPC, CMPC
Licensed Clinical Sport Psychologist

Nicole Gabana, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Sport Psychologist

Nicole Gabana, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Sport Psychologist

Alexis G. Chirban, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Supervised Staff / License Pending

Natalie Hilts, MSW


Natalie Robb, Ed.M.

Natalie Robb, Ed.M.
Clinical Sport Psychology Consultant

We help high-powered people reach their full potential.

I brought AWP to life in 2000 to fill a gap in services for people just like you – athletes, c-level executives, physicians, lawyers, professional women and everyday high-performance individuals looking to face down stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and the general mental health struggles holding them back.

Today, the AWP team is made up of passionate and talented clinical sport psychologists, executive coaches and wellness experts dedicated to the success of our diverse client base. We specialize in performance enhancement, eating disorders, athlete mental health and helping you maintain a healthy mind/body connection.

We are Division I athletes, dancers, musicians, parents of highly-talented and competitive young people. We have faced our own challenges and come out on the other side with a deeper understanding of who we are. We know what it takes to achieve success and live optimally. We know how hard it is to align these unique experiences with your overall health and wellbeing. 

You CAN thrive. And we can help.

In Your Corner,

Sharon Chirban

Sharon Chirban, Ph.D.
Owner, Clinical Sport Psychologist, Executive Coach

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