Clinical Sport Psychology

Compete with integrity and balance.

Being a successful athlete has as much to do with your mental performance as it does with what you do on the field, court or stage.

If you aren’t feeling in control, you won’t perform at the level you know you’re capable of.

Maybe you’re experiencing one of the following:

  • Practice is great, but games are a different story.
  • You don’t feel confident that you can get the job done.
  • You’re having a tough time concentrating on what’s happening around you.
  • It’s gotten harder to balance your competitive obligations and your relationships.
  • You’re overwhelmed, frustrated or feeling a lack of motivation.
  • You’re trying to come to terms with the end of your sports career.
  • You’re one of many athletes with an eating disorder.
  • You’d like to begin coaching – or you have a child who needs your support around their high-level competition.

Every high-performance athlete is different. You need a unique and personalized plan to reach your peak performance and excel.

AWP’s clinical sport psychologists can help.

The team at Amplified Wellness + Performance (AWP) will work with you to develop the mental toughness you need to compete at the top of your game. We specialize in treating injured athletes, helping you through a comeback process or supporting you through a transition out of your sport. We are well-versed in treating athlete eating disorders, as well as generalized anxiety and depression.

Our practice puts emphasis on the whole athlete. Our therapists trained in sport psychology take a balanced approach to helping our clients reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.

How does a clinical sport psychologist  or sport psychology consultant differ from a regular mental health practitioner?

A clinical sport psychologist can work with you around the generalized anxiety, depression and other issues commonly seen by any psychologist, but a clinician who focuses on sport psychology has a particular interest and specialization in the unique challenges faced by high-performing athletes.

Your AWP clinician will work with you to address the barriers to reaching your peak performance and overall wellbeing. Together, you’ll think about the factors impacting you both on the field, court or stage – as well as in your everyday life.

The AWP team understands the nuances of your experience and can work with you around:

  • Setting realistic, attainable goals that keep you moving forward
  • Enhancing performance and growing your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Balancing your sport with your relationships and other responsibilities
  • Managing emotions and cultivating sportsmanship and leadership
  • Working through burnout or a loss of motivation
  • Navigating recovery after an injury
  • Managing an end-of-career transition
  • Addressing eating disorders
  • Optimizing your health and wellness as a training priority

Your mental training is every bit as important as your physical training routine

And it needs development and practice to reach peak potential. We’ll help you to improve your thinking around your sport, strengthen your mental skills and enhance your focus and composure.

As a high-performance athlete, you should enjoy your time competing and feel free to enjoy the rest of your life, too. AWP can work with you to consistently improve your performance and realize your full potential.

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    Yes, we offer Telehealth Appointments!

    AWP is based in Massachusetts, with locations in Boston’s Back Bay and in Concord. We offer telehealth appointments for location-limited clients, and we have expanded our telehealth availability to meet the restrictions of COVID-19.

    AWP conducts remote sessions via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.

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