Dara Brenner, MA, LMHC, Licensed Clinician/Sport Psychology Consultant

Dara Brenner, MA, LMHC, Licensed Clinician/Sport Psychology Consultant

Dara Brenner, MA was a Division I and Division III collegiate athlete. During her athletic career, she faced several setbacks from injuries, including ACL tears. As she worked through the recovery process, more than once, she persevered and was honored as an All-American athlete by the NCAA. Her desire to develop clinical and sport consulting skills to help other athletes recover from physical injuries or mental setbacks motivated her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling, with a concentration in Sport Psychology at Boston University.

Dara understands the pressures of being a competitive athlete and the demands made on anyone participating in a sport at a high level and on anyone passionately pursuing their goals. Dara will work with you to enhance your performance in sport or in work/life by applying techniques including imagery, mindfulness, goal setting, and reframing negative thoughts.

Dara previously worked as the primary clinician for GOALS, an athlete specific eating disorder program at Walden Behavioral Care, where she developed expertise in treating patients with acute eating disorders in both the athlete and non-athlete populations. She helped develop the program’s curriculum using cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral frameworks and implemented it through group therapy. Dara previously worked as a Community Residence Counselor at McLean Hospital.

Her passion for helping other recovering injured athletes combined with her graduate training in clinical skills inspired the creation of her published mental skills workbook for athlete’s recovering from ACL tears.

Dara blends a skills-based approach with traditional clinical psychology marked by resilience, optimism, and balanced living that will help patients maximize their potential.

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