Comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment for Balanced Health + Wellness

Specialized Eating Disorder Counseling

At Amplify Wellness + Performance, we know the pursuit of personal and professional goals can lead to a lot of stress, including challenges with body image, appearance, and eating habits.

Our clinicians specialize in comprehensive eating disorder treatment for balanced health and wellness. We offer a collaborative team approach to guide you through the recovery process.

Our Approach for Eating Disorder Treatment

AWP offers personalized care that aligns eating disorder treatment with each client’s unique wellness objectives. We’ve worked to create a supportive clinical environment that focuses on the intersection of optimum wellness and eating disorder recovery.

Through comprehensive assessment and therapy, our experienced team will help you identify your goals and craft an integrative and multidisciplinary plan that addresses your deepest concerns and gets you back on the path to wellness.

Eating disorder treatment at AWP uses a comprehensive approach that integrates nutritional guidance, clinical psychological support, and lifestyle modification and management. When we work with the whole picture—biological, psychological, and social factors included—our clients can enjoy long-term recovery.

AWP’s expert team will work with your doctors, family, coaches, and peers to ensure you’re getting the best, most tailored and effective eating disorder treatment.

Do I Have An Eating Disorder?

If you or a loved one are struggling with any of the following symptoms, it may be time to seek eating disorder treatment:

  • Restrictive eating that hasn’t been recommended by and isn’t being monitored by a healthcare professional
  • Overusing supplements, herbal products, or laxatives, specifically for weight loss
  • Intentional vomiting, particularly after meals
  • Eating in secret or feeling shame about eating in front of others
  • A fixation on eating habits, often including disgust, shame, or guilt around food in general
  • Frequently eating very large amounts of food in one sitting
  • A heightened focus on food or healthy eating that turns restrictive, up to and including not participating in meals at social events or avoiding such events entirely
  • Regularly skipping meals or snacks and making excuses for doing so
  • Exercising more than normal or more than recommended, perhaps leading to injury
  • Frequent trips to the mirror to assess perceived flaws—known as body checking

Eating disorders may present differently in different people, and not all symptoms will always be observable by others. If you’re concerned about your feelings around food, reach out to the AWP team today.

Who is AWP’s Eating Disorder Treatment Appropriate For?

Eating disorders can present in a variety of ways—from restrictive eating to binge eating, or a preoccupation with body image, weight, and food intake.

Consider seeking care if:

  • High demands are impacting your eating habits or body image;
  • You’re exercising or practicing more than your coach or trainers recommend;
  • You’re experiencing amenorrhea—the absence of menstruation;
  • You’ve noticed changes in your performance, mood, or feelings around food; or
  • You’ve got physical symptoms like weight changes, fatigue, or digestive issues related to your dietary habits.

Eating disorders do not always begin in adolescence—they can impact people at all ages and all stages of life. AWP offers eating disorder treatment for individuals of all ages and genders who are experiencing challenges with eating behaviors.

The AWP team treats clients struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, or exercise addiction.

Our eating disorder counseling is ideal for those who do not require or are transitioning from intensive therapy settings.

Eating Disorder Counseling for Athletes + High Performers

The team at AWP is made up of clinical psychologists who are also athletes, high-level performers, and executives. Our team has both professional expertise and lived experience in the specific stressors and triggers that high performers often face.

AWP’s experienced, compassionate team can also provide eating disorder treatment to high-performing clients with the aim of:

  • Getting you back on the field or on the stage,
  • Working with you to redefine your relationship with food and embrace a meal plan that meets your nutritional and spiritual needs, and
  • Identifying and integrating healthy ways to cope with the pressures of high-achieving life.

Flexible Treatment Options

We offer flexible telehealth options to accommodate busy schedules and travel. Our streamlined process ensures accessibility and privacy for all clients.

AWP conducts remote sessions via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

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