Executive Coaching Services

Refine your journey with executive coaching

You’re an executive.
A physician.
A lawyer or a financier.

You’re a high-performing person with significant responsibility and a powerful need to learn and develop your skills.

You want to grow your ability and capacity to lead, strengthen your influence and increase the impact of your work.

But you’ve wondered if it’s possible to reach your goals while avoiding stress, burnout and overwhelm.

Do you have to sacrifice your health or personal relationships on your way to the top?

No! I promise you don’t.

I’m Sharon, the founder of Amplify Wellness + Performance. Years ago, I expanded beyond my clinical offerings to include executive coaching services for high-performing people.

Now, I work with people just like you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be – whether it’s at work, in your personal life or simply in your own perception of your daily life.

With my executive coaching services, you can achieve your goals and maintain work/life balance.

With my executive coaching services, you can achieve your goals and maintain work/life balance.

Through 25 years of experience, I’ve cultivated a unique approach that addresses more than your professional journey.

Change is the cornerstone of any true opportunity. It’s critical to realizing your goals and your full potential as a leader, professional, parent or friend.

And change begins with self-awareness. As your executive coach, I will challenge you – playfully and directly – to expand your full vision of yourself.

We’ll work on strengthening your emotional granularity, the awareness of yourself and your specific emotions. You’ll learn to be comfortable (even enjoy!) being at the nexus of change.

You can learn to perform optimally while nurturing your relationships and your wellbeing beyond your professional identity.

By prioritizing your overall wellness, I will help you focus on your individual growth and your personal goals. We’ll create a customized development plan that works for you.

Together, we will…

  • Define your individual goals
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Manage your stress
  • Enhance your performance
  • Improve your relationships
  • Strengthen your team

…and tackle the obstacles in your path that prevent you from growing as a leader and finding a true work/life balance.

What do executive coaching services look like?

Executive coaching sessions with me at AWP involve:

✔️ thinking through powerful questions that get to the heart of your goals and desires

✔️ identifying current and future development opportunities

✔️ defining your personal goals and outlining action plans to get you there

By challenging assumptions and helping you achieve clarity around your personal and professional goals, executive coaching is an individually-tailored practice to help guide you down the path to greater success.

Executive coaching is an investment in yourself.

You get a lot done, but you want to think even more strategically and see the bigger picture with clarity.

You know you could be a better communicator to your team members.

You want to be a more effective leader.

But you need to connect with an executive coach who GETS you. Who can help you build your confidence and fill in the gaps while also supporting you in your pursuit for optimal health and wellness.

And I know I can.

So let me help you identify and overcome the patterns and habits that are holding YOU back.

Build your skills, deepen your focus and concentration, strengthen emotional intelligence and learn to drown out the distractions.

Yes, we offer telehealth appointments!

AWP is based in Massachusetts, with locations in Boston’s Back Bay and in Concord. We offer telehealth appointments for location-limited clients, and we have expanded our telehealth availability to meet the restrictions of COVID-19.

AWP conducts remote sessions via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.

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