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Natalie Robb, Ed.M.
Natalie Robb, Ed.M., Clinical Sport Psychology Consultant

Natalie Robb, Ed.M., Clinical Sport Psychology Consultant


Natalie is master’s-level counselor and mental skills coach. She values a person-centered and compassion-focused approach with athletes and performers, and is passionate about exploring the intersection of athletic, performance, personal, and vocational factors with clients. She believes that increased self-compassion and intentionality in daily life leads to increased ability to reach optimal performance and aims to create a collaborative space for clients to make such changes. Since completing her degree in Counseling with specialization in Sport and Performance Psychology at Boston University, she has gone on to work closely with professional ballet dancers at the Boston Ballet. Much of Natalie’s work with dancers centers around managing stress and anxiety, navigating relationships in the work/training arena, and gaining mental skills for performance. Additionally, Natalie provides one-on-one therapy to children, adolescents, and young-adults in the community mental health setting, with special interest in working with young adults in times of transition. Outside of working with clients, Natalie is a long-time competitor and coach in figure skating, and continues to compete with the Esprit De Corp adult synchronized skating team in Boston.

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