Executive Coaching with Finance Professionals

For finance professionals, the market often dictates the overall sentiment of their career path and professional satisfaction. When you think about all of the events that can affect the financial environment, this may be a stressful pill to swallow.

Take Brexit, for example. Leading up to and after the groundbreaking vote in Britain, the markets took a drastic turn both overseas and here at home. Immediately, finance professionals felt the impact as they had to manage clients’ funds and their own job responsibilities.

The market is always on, and without proper guidance, the risk of burning out at work can increase dramatically. The good news is there are methods that can help you stay cool under the collar even when the markets are putting pressure on you.

Have a contingency plan

An unsuccessful recover from diversity is often the result of not having a plan. Working in finance, you can be sure the markets won’t always cooperate. By acknowledging this, you can prepare a considered response that’ll allow you to stay afloat and ease the feelings of your clients. You’ll increase the likelihood of coming out stronger after fa
cing difficult times.

Know when to accept feedback

While feedback can be valuable, too much of it from multiple sources can have an adverse impact. No one knows your career goals and techniques better than you, so be careful when choosing whose advice to take. In finance, even the most educated behaviors can’t guarantee positive results—and managing investments in an unorthodox manner can yield great returns. When it comes to feedback, less may be more. Consider growing from your own experiences before trying to juggle other people’s advice.

 Remain confident

When the markets are volatile, it may feel like you’re at fault when your clients’ investments aren’t going the right way. It’s important to
understand and believe you simply can’t control the markets. Your clients understand this, too, so focus on maintaining a level head even during the most difficult times.

Be mindful of your own well-being

Fluctuating economic conditions can make a career in finance seem overwhelming at times. And like many industries, employees may feel like they’re always expected to be on the clock. Being mindful of how you spend your time and treat yours
elf are vital to overcoming adversity. Healthy lifestyle choices have been proven to help prevent many diseases, so think of the effect they can have when trying to build and maintain confidence in your career. Make it a habit to take care of yourself so you can be in the best mental state possible to do your job well.

Dr. Sharon Chirban, Clinical Sport Psychologist

Founder of Amplifying Performance Consulting, LLC

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