Coaches’ Corner: Three Summer Tips for Collegiate Coaches

No matter the season of your sport, coaching never stops. It is a yearlong process of recruiting new talent, providing guidance and instruction for athletes during the off season, and formulating your goals for the coming competitive year. Coaching is multifaceted, covering various administrative duties and interpersonal roles.

Here are three initial tips to help set you and your players up for success and support all around!

  • Know Your Resources. Athletes can view coaches as mentors in both sport and life. It is not uncommon for athletes to go to coaches with personal struggles. Know what resources are available on campus and how they work. For example, be knowledgeable about your counseling center, where it is, and how to make an appointment. Consider dropping in to meet the staff.
  • Think Proactive, Not Reactive. The trend appears to be athletes are directed towards counseling after a problem has already been identified. Proactive steps can help prevent or address issues before they interfere with performance and overall well-being. Consider opportunities for workshops or consultation to educate staff and athletes alike.
  • What is an Expert? The mental edge has been increasingly recognized as an area to further strengthen for improved performance. However, there is a drastic difference between someone marketing themselves as a “mental health coach” versus a sports psychologist. Mental health coaches aren’t necessarily trained or licensed as mental health counselors, which could pose a liability issue for the university, athletic department, and athlete’s overall well-being.

Have more questions or want additional tips for your athletes? Amplifying Performance Consulting is available for coach consultation, team workshops, and mental skill building for athletes.

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