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Rachel Kantor, PsyD

Rachel Kantor, PsyD

Rachel Kantor, PsyD

Rachel is inspired to provide psychotherapy to help her patients be more efficient, productive, and have strong relationships. She has particular interest in eating disorders, sports psychology, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression. Through her extensive training as a nationally ranked fencer, Rachel brings her astute awareness of the performance and life demands that elite athletes face during the developmental and elite competitive years. Rachel was a member of the United States Cadet Fencing Team (top 3 fencers in the 17 year old age category in the USA).

Rachel received her bachelors degree in Psychology from Columbia University, did psychology research for Yale University in the United States and UK, and received her doctorate from Baylor University. Her publications and dissertation focused on relationships between neurocognitive functioning, sleep, and weight-loss behaviors.

To further her expertise in health psychology and enhancement of physical performance, Rachel did a postdoctoral fellowship in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking, and tending to her herb garden.

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