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Michelle Jolson, MA Advanced Practicum Student

Michelle Jolson, MA Advanced Practicum Student

As a former division one women’s soccer player, Michelle has an understanding of the rigors of collegiate athletics. As a training clinical psychologist, Michelle has worked with individuals from across the lifespan experiencing a wide-range of difficulties. She has experience working with individuals and groups coping with trauma, depression, anxiety, psychosis, mood dysregulation, life cycle transitions, loss, and intimate partner distress. Michelle strives to create a safe environment for her clients where they can engage in honest and open discourse and create personal growth.

Michelle has a strong personal interest in working with performers and athletes. She is the founder of the Sport and Psychology student organization at William James College. In her work with Amplify Wellness + Performance, she looks forward to helping her clients compete, assisting them in balancing their responsibilities while also engaging in self-care, supporting them through a transition, or aiding their recover from injury.

Currently, Michelle is a fourth year doctoral student at William James College and will be a practicum level clinician at Amplify Wellness + Performance for her academic year beginning in September 2019. During this time, she will be receiving clinical supervision from Sharon Chirban, PhD. Michelle will be available for a discounted fee.

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