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Welcome Rachel Kantor PsyD!

Welcome Rachel Kantor PsyD!

I am proud to be a new member of the Amplify team! I believe in Amplify’s mission to improve performance through the power of the mind.

My interest in sport psychology started while training as a member of Team USA Fencing for the 17 year old age group. As a competitive fencer, I wanted to be at peak intensity so that I could compete at the highest possible level. I want to help others achieve peak athletic performance through the same control over mind and body that I had as a young athlete. While I understand the pressures young athletes experience, I also remember the difficult transition out of the athlete role after I injured my back at the end of high school and ended my fencing career. In my role as a psychologist, I want to help others cope with this transition.

After ending my athletic career, I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Columbia University. After graduation I conducted research for Yale University in both the US and UK. I earned my doctorate in psychology from Baylor University. My publications and dissertation focused on relationships between neurocognitive functioning, sleep, and weight-loss behaviors. To further my expertise in health psychology and enhancement of physical performance, I did a postdoctoral fellowship in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.

In addition to my role at Amplify, I also work at the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) where I help organize services for physicians with mental health, eating disorder, and substance use issues. At both organizations I help elite individuals overcome psychological barriers.

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I look forward to contributing to the life satisfaction and performance of our community.

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